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Learn about the precertification process
Learn what services require precertification, and how to properly request it for medications, medical procedures, and services managed by delegated ancillary vendors.

Review coverage policies
Learn how to interpret Cigna standard health coverage plan provisions. Access the medical coverage policies.

Review clinical reimbursement and payment policies
Find appeal policies, claim editing procedures, and laboratory and reimbursement information. For the most recent medical necessity review list, precertification policies, and modifier policies, log in to

Find a form
Access the forms you need for authorizations, referrals, filing or appealing claims, or changing information about your office.

Learn about electronic solutions
Find out how to access patient information, check claim status, submit precertification requests, and more electronically.

Submit a claim to Cigna
Get quick tips and easy-to-follow instructions for submitting claims electronically to Cigna.

Search the health care professional directory
Find a health care professional in your patients' network. Select a directory, and find network-participating health care professionals that best fit your patients' needs, based on their coverage.

Explore medical resources
From newsletters, to case management and wellness programs, to Cigna medical plans, and more, this is your source for information.

Explore behavioral resources
Find guidelines, materials and tools that can help you work more efficiently with Cigna.

Website access manager educational resources
Information on the website access manager role, including instructions on how to add, modify, or delete access for users, is available on the website access managers page.

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